Forget the cord based kill switch – Connect wirelessly and enjoy freedom in your boat with MOB+! MOB+ is a revolution in boating safety and wireless technology!

If an accident would happen and you fall overboard, MOB+ will automatically shut down your engine and enable you to swim to the boat safely.

MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch (Video)

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Who is FELL Marine?

FELL is a Norwegian developer and manufacturer of marine electronics. We specialize in wireless safety technology. The company has leading edge experience with wireless technology and has great experience from product development, electronics and manufacturing. FELL is a company driven by innovation. We develop products that change the markets we operate in. Innovation happens when knowledge meets creativity and courage to approach things in a different way. FELL aims to become a world leading technology company which improves our customers lives through user friendly technological innovation.

Our values

FELL is Old Norse for mountain. Our Norwegian maritime culture and heritage is reflected in our core values, innovation, quality and courage. These values are the essence of how we operate and are synonymous with the Norwegian maritime culture. Only through living these values can we create products that contribute to enhanced maritime safety and value for our customers.

Innovation lead us to create WiMEA, a new standard for kill switches. Unique wireless technology, carefully selected materials and focus on user friendliness give our products superior quality.

Our mission

Our mission is to create products that engage and contribute to increased freedom and experience for our users and customers.

Our vision

Our vision is to contribute to maritime safety and happiness at sea as one of the world leading producers of maritime safety products.

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