Morpheus Broadhead
New Broadhead

The new Morpheus broadhead is designed for quicker, more ethical harvests.

Since the beginnings of hunting, people have been trying to create the better bowhunting broadhead. Michigan resident David Belanger believes he’s done it with the announcement of his new Morpheus mechanical broadhead.

He says these new broadheads fly like a field point but open better wounds, making for more ethical bowhunting harvests. Here are all the details about the Morpheus.

The origins

New Broadhead
David Belanger

Like most inventions, the Morpheus came about as a result of the designer’s need. Belanger told me in an email that it was an unfortunate situation most bowhunters face at one point or another that started this quest.

“I came up with this particular model after I shot a deer one season and never found it,” Belanger said. “It appeared to be a good arrow placement, but there was no snow on the ground and I lost the blood trail which was too thin to follow.”

From this incident, he said he knew he could come up with a better way.

“This was very upsetting,” he wrote to me. “I determined to remedy this by designing a broadhead that facilitated the outward flow of blood from the animal after impact. I call this ‘exsanguination technology.'”

After six years of development and testing, the result is the Morpheus, a 125-grain, three-blade expandable broadhead with a 1.65-inch cutting diameter.

How it works

New Broadhead
Morpheus Broadhead

The Morpheus, named from Greek mythology, has an interesting concept. Unlike other archery broadheads, it isn’t just expanding on impact with big game. Belanger says the Morpheus uses what he’s dubbed as “flight stabilization technology.” This is to give the broadheads field-point accuracy.

After the shot, the blades expand to help stabilize the flight right after the release. But an internal spring then closes the blades again before impact. Upon the hit, the blade design opens to its full size again, creating a conical wound channel.

Belanger’s promotional materials say Morpheus’ blade design is specifically tailored for deeper penetration of the target, and hopefully, more pass-throughs. However, if the arrow fails to make a clean pass-through, the broadhead is designed to fall out.

On a hit where the arrow doesn’t get as much penetration, an internal spring forces the mechanical blades back to the closed position they were pre-shot. This makes it more likely the arrow will fall out and start blood flow.

That’s that “exsanguination technology” at work again. Either way, the design is supposed to optimize blood trails and your chances of finding the animal. Belanger told me this season was the testing ground for the Morpheus. He’s still waiting on data from surveys of field testers who have taken shots already. He said he knows at least one deer was successfully harvested.

He said preliminary impressions have been positive. “Overall, everyone is impressed with the grouping of the Morpheus,” Belanger said. “It truly does fly just like the field tips provided in each package.”

Target system and manufacturing

New Broadhead
David Belanger

Not content in just trying to make a better broadhead, Belanger set off to make a better target for practice too. He settled upon a design that looks something like a sled where you are shooting at cardboard box targets. It’s a setup designed specifically for use with mechanical broadheads.

The thinking here is you become more efficient by practicing with the broadheads you’re going to be using in the field. This system, along with a two-blade broadhead in 100 grains will be available soon through their website.

New Broadhead
Morpheus Broadhead

Belanger is also determined to have some impact with the making of these broadheads. They were specifically designed to be assembled, inspected and shipped by disabled veterans from the comfort of their home.

“We will be working closely with several veteran organizations to facilitate the setup in homes of wounded veterans so that they can earn a living without having to find an ADA compliant job position outside the home,” the Morpheus website says.

It’s certainly an interesting design. You can learn more and purchase this new broadhead on the Morpheus website.

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