Mathews Archery released their new flagship bow called the Vertix with the aim to fit every hunter in the industry.

Mathews has a reputation of making top-of-the line bows for several different types of hunters. I shot my first (and several more after that) archery deer with a Mathews. I couldn’t be more excited to see what this new bow can do.

In recent years, it seems as though they’ve taken their focus away from long range mountain shooters and focused more on whitetail hunters. Their recent bows have included super compact, uber quiet designs fit for hunting from a blind or treestand.

Although they achieved what they intended for the whitetail hunter, the archery company realized their Triax bow (released earlier this year) was losing the mountain consumer. This time around, the company set out to change that.

This is the new Vertix from Mathews Archery.

Made for Every Hunter

Each year Mathews has aimed to enhance certain areas of hunting. Whether you are on the side of a mountain or up in a treestand, the archery company has made a bow for you. With this new bow, they focused on bridging the gap between compact design and high power range.

The Vertix splits the difference with a 30″ axle-to-axle length. This allows you to maneuver the bow in tight spaces or in between exposed limbs, while still having the length to punch an arrow at further ranges.

20% Less Vibration

Ever since I started shooting Mathews, I’ve always admired the smooth draw and light vibration of the shot. I remember picking up my first Mathews and realizing that I barely even felt the shot thump through my hand.

This year they have taken that idea even further. According to Mathews, the Vertix will keep your shots from snapping out though the woods, because all the vibration is captured within the harmonic dampeners.

When you release the string, your grip hand will feel even less of the impact. Everything is smooth, stabilized, and quiet. Translating this into the woods makes you an even quieter hunter, prepared with the energy needed for any animal.

Switchweight Technology

Mathews has included mods, the parts within the rotating cams which tune the bow to your specific draw length, in their flagship bows. This year, the company advanced the part with the ability to change your draw weight with a simple swap.

To the normal consumer this may not come across as much of an advancement, but when you break down this idea you begin to see how easy it is to adjust to any opportunity. That adaptation brings this bow to virtually every audience interested in bowhunting.

With a simple adjustment to the mod within the spinning cam, every hunter has a bow that’s truly perfect for them.

Engage Grip

Bow grips are a topic ripe for argument. If you hold your bow at full draw the wrong way, you can skew all your shots with too much torque. Mathews approached this matter carefully to make sure any draw will have reduced torque. The angles incorporated within the grip help the overall feel in the hand, making for a great first impression and even better long term comfort.

The Engage Grip also incorporates technology that helps keep every draw the same in every environment. If it’s hot, cold, dry, or wet, Mathews says you will be able to trust your muscle memory to guide your arrow through your target.

Big Idea

I think the new features of this bow are making the industry rethink their longterm plans. Mathews realized that narrowing down to hunters who are looking for a specialization in archery equipment for certain animals is never going to widen the market.

They set out to make a bow that fits a versatile group of sportsmen and women, and it looks as if they nailed it with this bow. Personally, I cannot wait to see what the Vertix can do.

Form your opinion by checking out the Vertix page on their website.



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