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dall sheep hunt

dOne hunter had a caribou tag, the other had a Dall sheep tag.

In the latest installment of First Lite-sponsored videos, “Annuli,” we see a couple of huntresses follow a guide into the depths of the Northwest Territories in search of Dall Sheep.

To make things a little more interesting, the other has a caribou tag she hopes to fill using her compound bow.

Dall sheep hunting is no easy task, though, as it forces hunters to travel for hours on foot just to catch a ram off-guard.

The landscape is anything but forgiving, demanding every ounce of energy a hunter has to harvest just one animal.

Watch the video below:

Hunting provides people with opportunities to seize incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but it also offers us the chance to share those opportunities, too.

Unlike many communities, hunters strive to be selfless, finding the beauty in an experience rather than the final product.

That sentiment is evident in this short film, as hunter Jessi Johnson gave up her Dall sheep tag to her friend Bridget Noonan so they could share the experience with each other.

After seeing sheep right off the bat, they find themselves powering through some of the roughest terrain North America has to offer, quickly realizing what initially looked like a walk in the park was going to be one of the most challenging experiences of their lives.

While Johnson didn’t end up getting her shot at a caribou–even though she did get within 40 yards of one–Noonan did get her ram from about 250 yards.

Here’s to enjoying the experience of hunting first and foremost!



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