The Spaniard had little patience for a reporter who wanted to ask about his marriage.Rafael Nadal was not pleased to take a question about his marriage and whether or not he had ever been distracted by his relationship with his wife Xisca. Surely, he wouldn’t mind discussing the subject in a less antagonistic manner, but when a journalist asked “I’d like to know if your concentration on tennis life has been different, even if you were going out with the same girl for many, many years,” Nadal had trouble believing that he was taking a serious question.

First, the annoyed Spaniard asked the journalist if he was indeed serious, and then, not long after, he ended the press conference by calling Bull****.

In between, Nadal had some words of wisdom.

“Doesn’t matter if you put a ring on your finger or not,” he said.

Tennis Express

Nadal will face Daniil Medvedev in London on Wednesday as he battles Novak Djokovic for the year-end No.1 ranking in London.

The Spaniard, who fell in straight sets to Alexander Zverev on Monday, told reporters that he is not experiencing any issues with the abdominal injury that kept him out of the semifinals at the Paris Masters.

“I did not feel pain in the abdominal at all,” Nadal said after the match. “We can find reasons or excuses, but at the end of the day, [what] really matters is I need to play much better in two days after tomorrow. That's the only thing.”