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snort wheeze

That snort wheeze is telling you something and you had better respect it.

The snort wheeze sound is an intimidation call, and it’s a vocalization that needs to be seriously respected. While the whitetail buck in this video appears to have an obvious ear tag in its right ear–almost surely a sign of a farm-raised animal–the sound that it makes upon the approach of another animal is one that needs to be heeded.

This particular buck has a very good reason to be nasty: the adult doe in the background. Once in full rut, a mature, adult buck like this one will fight (sometime to the death) over breeding rights to her.

Now you have to ask yourself: do you want to fight dominant bucks for their does? Because you may not survive the ordeal.

Here’s the sound deer make that not many of us deer hunters even get to hear.

Someone is guarding his lady friend….. "For licensing/commercial usage, please contact licensing@rumble.com."

Posted by Travis Chamberlain on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The other pressing question here is this: why put yourself in this kind of danger just to get some video? It’s a nice clip, and we certainly appreciate the share, but not worth getting gored by a mature bucks’ antlers!

Depending on the time of year, a snort-wheeze call from a whitetail deer could signal a battle is about to begin.

One good thing about this whitetail deer sound is that it stands to reason that there may be a rival buck nearby that threatens the dominant one. If you’re actively deer hunting, the biggest problem that you may face is which of the big bucks to shoot! Hearing these deer calls don’t have to mean the end of the day.

Two bucks worthy of a shot? That’s what I like to call a good problem to have.

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