The hunting joke “Got one tied to a tree?” just took on a whole new meaning, and isn’t really a joke at all in this case.

Time in the woods is well spent. You can come across a lot of cool and amazing sights over time, but this one and the events following may be one in a million.

Dale Struemph was checking out a clients property as they cruised the land before coming upon a decently heavy horned mature buck. Unlike most mature deer, the buck was not startled and did not flee the scene. Red flag, something is up.

Dale M. Struemph - Broker Officer, Living the Dream Outdoor Properties
Dale M. Struemph – Broker Officer, Living the Dream Outdoor Properties

With the landowner’s permission, Dale contacted the game warden and asked if they wanted to check the buck for any diseases and whether he should put the deer down.

The game warden informed him that he would head that way and preferred if he would wait and let him dispatch it of it. But he went ahead and said to shoot the deer if he began to wander off.

With the warden being 40 minutes out, the landowner left to meet him while Dale watched over the buck. After some time, the buck began to wander and Dale debated on dispatching the deer a couple times. He really did not want this incredibly sick deer to suffer anymore.

And at that point the light bulb turned on. Dale said, “I’m going to tie this deer up.”

The buck made his way to a fence and walked up to it as if he didn’t even know it was there. Dale grabbed a piece of wire and began to make his move. Sneaking up behind him, he then began to wrap the wire around the bucks antler and tied it off to a fence post.

After about 10 minutes, the landowner showed back up with the game warden only to look around confused and wonder where the deer was.

“Where is the deer?” he asked. Dale followed the question with a “I have him tied up down there.”

Like most would, the warden snickered, and they start heading that direction. Dale claimed the shock on the warden’s face was priceless as they approached to see the massive buck actually tied to the fence post.

Dale proclaimed “I told you I tied him up!”

After taking the moment in and a few bewildered chuckles that this actually happened, the warden was able to properly dispatch the whitetail.

Upon further observation, they found green pus coming from the base of an antler that was cracking the skin. The warden assumed the infection had most likely spread to the brain and in return was causing the sick and odd behavior of the mature buck.

Dale M. Struemph - Broker Officer, Living the Dream Outdoor Properties
Dale M. Struemph – Broker Officer, Living the Dream Outdoor Properties

The carcass was sent off for more testing, and hopefully they can find more information on what the issue was. One thing is certain though, the deer will not be suffering anymore and won’t have to worry about coyotes catching him alive.

So next time you hear that old saying, “Do you have that big buck tied up for the weekend?” just remember, it can happen.



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