On today's edition of the Lucky Letcord Podcast Chris Oddo and Bret McCormick discuss what a potential WTA/ATP merger might look like and wonder about some of the hurdles.

Today on the Lucky Letcord Podcast Bret McCormick of the Sports Business Journal joins host Chris Oddo to share his insights on what a potential WTA/ATP merger would look like.

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Talk of a potential merger between the tours bubbled over in late April when Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal took to Twitter to show their support for a union of the tours. Since then many important names in the sport of joined in, including WTA founder Billie Jean King.

But with all the pressing matters that the powers that be in tennis need to tend to of late, as the coronavirus rages, conversation has slipped to the back burner.

That's why we brought McCormick in. He's been talking to people behind the scenes about this topic for a while now, and in late June he released his article on the subject, which can be found here:

Have a listen and get hip to the nuances of the relationship between the tour and how a union might affect sponsorships, TV rights and the media enterprises that are owned and operated by both factions.

Who would benefit? How can it happen? Is it even possible?

Join us for a discussion!

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