Alabama Angler Narrowly Misses Guntersville Lake Record Largemouth – 13Lb 7oz

“It will be 29 years on Thursday since Charlie Bertus sent shock waves through Northern Alabama when he landed a 14Lb 8oz record largemouth on Lake Guntersville. Fast forward to yesterday when Bertus’ record was feeling the pressure from an absolute giant bass caught on Guntersville that weight 13Lb 7oz. This freak of nature was caught by Gurley, Alabama resident Tyler Mahaffey and though it miss setting a new mark by a shade over a pound it was an impressive specimen none the less. Here is Mahaffey’s account of the catch.

I caught it on a zoom swim bait blue herring color. Guntersville was pulling a lot of water yesterday getting ready for all the rain we’re supposed to get this week. I fished this same spot last week in the Rat-L-Trap tournament and didn’t really have a good day over there, but we knew there were big fish from practice. We caught multiple 5 pound fish in there two weeks before. So my dad and I pulled in there and right off the bat there was a strong North West wind blowing right in there, but there was a lot of current so that lifted my spirits a little more. As soon as we hit this area we starting catching a few 3lb fish on some lipless baits and before we knew it we had 15 pounds or so, but couldn’t really get any big bites.”

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Tennessee’s Watts Bar Smallmouth Record is Set in Tournament – 7.95 Pounds

“Anglers in east Tennessee were faced with wet, nasty conditions on Saturday February, 23. Recent rains had created adverse conditions for most fisheries along the Tennessee River. The threat of flooding caused the TVA to utilize all 49 dams in its system. Some dams were holding back water while others were running high amounts of water through to make room for the incoming rain and runoff. The conditions were tough for the anglers participating in the Heartland Anglers bass tournament on Watts Bar Lake in Tennessee.

Anglers Patrick Turner and Cheyenne Shaver knew the recent rains would have most of the lake muddy, but Patrick had an area of cleaner water in mind to fish during the tournament.The duo focused on the cleaner water, targeting chunk rock banks and points. One particular point would prove to be fruitful. The point had a deeper side with 30 foot of water and a 15 foot side that led to a flat. Turner’s cast with his crankbait to the deeper side delivered a strike. His rod bowed but he wasn’t met with the typical fight of a big East Tennessee smallmouth. Turner believed he was fighting a catfish until she broke the surface and Shaver netted the smallmouth. The giant smallmouth hit the scales at 7.95 pounds, the only fish the duo weighed in for the day, but was good enough for a second place finish. The winning bag for the day was just over 9 pounds, proving the days tough conditions.”

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