Rinehart Turkey Target

Preparation is key, and lifelike practice on the Rinehart Woodland Strutter will only help your chances at an archery gobbler this spring.

Turkey hunting is officially upon us. Nothing quite says spring is here like thunderous gobbles and big toms strutting in to our decoys.

While many seasons have already begun, many more are getting ready to open in the next few weeks. Thousands of turkeys will gobble their last gobbles this spring, which can largely be attributed to bowhunters.

Bowhunting turkeys is a challenge, and we all know preparation for the moment is key as a poor shot with an arrow can leave you empty-handed.

With an incredibly small vitals area, it’s important to trust your shot when releasing that arrow.

Rinehart Turkey Target

Nothing will get you more prepared for that intense moment of truth than practicing on a lifelike, Rinehart target. And, the Woodland Strutter may be the most lifelike archery target on the market.

Capable of taking on shot after shot from both field points and broadheads, the high density replacement core will last you a long time. If you somehow shoot thousands of arrows and the core begins to show wear, you simply buy another to bring the target back to life.

Rinehart Turkey Target

The Woodland Strutter is the closest equivalent to a real-life strutting tom. I would honestly have full confidence in taking this to the field as a turkey decoy in the field. It looks that real, which in my eyes, makes for better practice.

Rinehart Turkey Target

The Woodland Strutter stands at 25.5 inches tall and 20 inches long and is designed to replicate a 14-pound tom.

All of Rinehart’s targets seem to be light, allowing you to easily grab and move them with one hand.

Even if you don’t turkey hunt, let’s be honest, shooting at a square or deer-shaped target can get old after a while. Spice it up and add something new to your shooting preparation. What’s better than a small target to help you focus more?

Let the Woodland Strutter prepare you for this turkey season with some ultra-lifelike practice. Throw up a ground blind in the backyard, toss the target at a comfortable distance and sling arrows at it until you’re blue in the face. That way, once the big tom is at full strut on your next hunt, it feels like you’ve already been there before.

Rinehart Turkey Target

The Woodland Strutter from Rinehart could be the difference between a flopping tom and a fleeing tom this spring.


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