Wind can be an ice angler’s worst adversary, a negative, antagonistic liability–or, as the ice fishing experts at HT have found, championed as a great ally—a productive, beneficial asset!   


HT's Wind Jigger Rod Holder Is A Must For Your Ice Basket This SeasonThe ice fishing experts at HT ENTERPRISES, INC., the industry leader in progressive ice tackle design and manufacturers of the original Windlass Tip-Up, have long understood how wind can be harnessed and used to ice more fish, and they continue this same philosophy in 2015 by introducing the all-new Wind Jigger rod holder.  As the name implies, this exceptional rod holder captures the wind, using it to create a unique mix of mesmerizing, fish enticing presentational movements! 

Here’s how the Wind Jigger rod holder works:  The sturdy wood base supports a strong, yet thin ultra flex wind waver arm that universally holds any rod combo.  Fluctuating wind movements drive up against this arm, pressing it down.  When those gusts rescind, the spring steel rises back up, creating a unique, variable series of forces that move the rod and in turn, power unique jigging motions!  The wind waver arm also features three angled settings to compensate for various wind strengths.  The user can adjust the desired amount of movement by increasing the angle and subjecting the arm to more wind, providing increased motion, or decreasing the angle to contain it, as conditions warrant. 

HT’s Wind Jigger rod holder takes only seconds to set up, plus folds compactly for easy transport and convenient storage.  For more information, check out their website, WWW.ICEFISH.COM.

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