How to Use a ThermaCell In Conjunction With An Ozonics Scent Eliminator

Want to keep the bugs away while at the same time preventing game from smelling you? Here’s how to use a Thermacell with an Ozonics scent eliminator.

Let’s face it: dealing with mosquitoes and other biting insects comes with the territory on a lot of spring bear and early fall hunts where temperatures are still pretty warm. Additionally, deer and black bear have really, really sensitive noses and you need to keep this in mind in order to be successful.

While ThermaCell and Ozonics products are excellent for repelling mosquitoes and beating the noses of game, using them together in the wrong way will reduce the effectiveness of both products. If they aren’t used correctly, the ThermaCell won’t repel bugs as well and the Ozonics won’t reduce your scent as much.

Fortunately, it is possible to use them at the same time with great results. So, not only does that make it possible to keep mosquitoes from biting your or from buzzing around your ears, but it’s also possible to eliminate most of your scent.

Watch the video below made by the guys at Ozonics to see exactly how to use those two products together for the best possible results.

To recap: place your ThermaCell upwind of you and place the Ozonics scent eliminator downwind of you. This will ensure the ThermaCell zone of protection encompasses the spot where you’re sitting while the Ozonics reduces your scent plume that extends downwind without negatively impacting the effectiveness of the ThermaCell.

This same principle applies regardless of whether you’re using a ThermaCell MR450 or a ThermaCell Radius in a treestand or a ground blind.

So, keep these tips in mind in order to ensure your ThermaCell and Ozonics devices work very well. If you do that, you’ll enjoy protection from bugs and have a greatly reduced scent plume.

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