How to Tie the San Diego Jam KnotIn this edition of How2Hobie, Fishing Product Manager Morgan Promnitz demonstrates how to tie the San Diego jam knot. Give the video a click and see just how easy it is to tie this extra-strong knot suitable for big game fishing.

I’m going to show you guys how to tie a San Diego jam knot. It’s a really strong knot for big game fishing.

Step one is find something to secure your lure to that you can pull on. The next thing is take the tag end of your line and feed it through the eye of the lure or your quick clip. Pinch it with your fingers to form the loop. Take your tag end and go over both lines six to seven times.


Once you’ve gone six or seven times, take your tag end and go through the center of the loop. Bring it up and go through the top loop. Cinch it up. Add some lubrication to it; it’ll slip right down. Pulls up nice and tight.

Take your cutters. Get rid of your tag end. There you have it.

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