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Watch as this hen mallard kicks the absolute stuffing out of a seagull that got too close to her chicks!

Mothers, whether human beings or in nature, are not to be trifled with!

Take this hen mallard for example, and watch her kick the snot out of anything that gets too close to her brood.

In this video, her ducklings aren’t really all that little anymore, and the seagull doesn’t even appear to be attacking them. It looks as though someone threw a bit of food too close to the hen, and when the seagull went to pick it up, it caught hell from the duck!

Once that mama mallard tore into the seagull, it looked as if it’s over for the gull. Watch as one puddle duck goes all WWE on a seagull and see if it will ever recover:

Posted by Waterfowl Hunting on Sunday, March 31, 2019

Even another hen came in to help destroy that gull! When you see the feathers of the seagull seemingly in a massive disarray, you immediately think that the gull is a goner.

When it got up to fly away and live another day, it was almost as unbelievable as watching a hen mallard go ballistic on it in the first place!

There’s one seagull that will never, ever again get too close to a duck and after watching this video we all agree.

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