Had a YouTube film I wanted to post today, an entertaining, humorous film with a dark twist at the end, perfect for Halloween.  What made it even better is it made a person think. . . .  Do we take our fishing too seriously?


Too seriously?  No way!

On the other hand. . . .

I take it real seriously, it is who I am, it is what I do.

Just remember, it is supposed to be fun!

I thought better of posting that YouTube film for that very reason.  I have discovered on the interwebs that there are too many folks that take things way too seriously.


If you are trick-or-treating tonight and find this house, let me know!

Photo found making the rounds on FaceBook.

And who does not like a good ghost story on Halloween?  If you want to read one, I wrote A Late Autumn Fish Story a few years back.

This fall I caught a picture of a goblin in front of my son holding a nice wiper.


I am always warning folks to stay away from my spots, there are too many ticks, mosquitoes, itch-mites, owls, wild hogs, rattlesnakes, mountain loins, sasquatch and ghosts to risk it.  STAY AWAY!

Be careful out there, and have fun!

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