YouTube: Ultimate Night Vision
Feral Hogs Close Range

How did these hunters get that close?

As most hunters in Texas will tell you, feral hogs are smart animals. It is one of the reasons they have become such a problem in the Lone Star State. Hogs have excellent hearing and a nose for danger if you do not play the winds correctly. If one spooks, you can bet the rest of the sounder is at least going to be on edge.

Sometimes though, the human hunters get lucky, and the hogs present the chance at a gimmie. Such is the case with one of the latest videos from the YouTube channel Ultimate Night Vision.

In the early part of this video these guys encounter a feral hog in pitch blackness that is totally focused on feeding. To the point that it apparently never notices the hunters closing the gap to a ridiculously close distance.

We see a lot of hog hunting videos here at Wide Open Spaces. We cannot recall another one where someone was able to sneak that close to a feral hog without it noticing. It makes us wonder if this hog was deaf. There was no way it should not have heard the guy when he continued to call out to it. We must agree with the guy who called it “The craziest stalk I’ve ever seen!”

The rest of this video serves as another excellent reminder of just how bad the hog problem is becoming down in Texas. Even with all the ammo these guys were throwing down range, they probably did not make even a scratch in the local population. These pigs mature fast and breed even faster, meaning that it is unlikely we will ever get the numbers under control.

We just hope these guys are still able to find ammo during this shortage. They have regularly been putting out videos even as it becomes hard to find in many areas of the country. We need groups like this to at least keep up the pressure on these swine if nothing else!



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