Lone Wolf Treestand

Lone Wolf has made a name for itself as being one of the best stands on the market, and this is a big component of why.

I recently have been testing out a Lone Wolf Treestand, one of their run and gun, ready to hunt systems.

Something that I have not had experience with much in the deer woods over my career, but I am quickly catching on to it. Later I will get that review out on the Alpha II Hunt Ready Treestand System. But simply put, the stands are flat out amazing, and like I said, I will get into that in another article.

But first I wanted to break down what makes Lone Wolf products so incredible beyond the fact that they are the highest quality and incredibly functional. When properly practiced and mastered, you can carry in, setup, and be ready to hunt in your Lone Wolf in just seven minutes. Oh, and that is in only one trip up the tree.

I will get into the stand details and specifics at a later time in the review, but for now I want you to see as the president of Lone Wolf Treestands flies up a tree with ease in minutes. Hopefully this will  get your mind thinking on the incredible advantages and benefits of having a setup like this for this whitetail season.

As you can see, Jared has done this a few times. But with experience and practice, you too can get to where you are finding yourselves with a bow in hand ready to send an arrow at a big buck in just minutes. With my practice runs on the setup I have, I have seen my times decrease each round, so I am looking forward to the day where I can achieve this effectiveness.

But put this system into perspective and think of how beneficial it could be for increasing your chances on a mature buck this fall. Especially if you are a public land hunter. Being able to slip in and get to the deep spots other hunters can’t and places where a climbing treestand just isn’t capable of getting up a tree.

This Lone Wolf can be your best friend, and you too can get from the base of your tree to a stealthy hunting position in less than 10 minutes. Finding another system like this will be difficult to find.

Masterfully engineered, the climbing stick quiver, stand design, and the weight of the whole system all work together to make it the ultimate run and gun hunting set.

Stay tuned, and soon I will give you my thoughts on the stand as a whole!

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