Haven’t posted anything from Hank Patterson for a while.  This is a good one, and I believe, a little teaser of more to come.

Of course you know, what makes things like that humorous is that there is at least some truth to it!  If you know a fishing guide or two, especially a fly-fishing guide, I will bet at least some parts of that video reminded you of them!  Yes, Seth, I am thinking of you!  Man, do I wish we were on the water together someplace right now!

Ironically, the Fly-Fishing Film Tour was the last “night out” my wife and I had before this coronavirus thing hit.  Remember those days?

Where I am sitting right now, “mother nature” pretty much imposed a “stay at home order” yesterday with several inches of snow.  Of course follow all the rules, but if you get a chance this weekend, get out and breath some spring air, it will do you a world of good!


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