Fat Tire’s “Finding Common Ground”

Public lands get some recognition and support from Fat Tire, and we’re here for it.

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how great our public lands system is in this country?

Okay, that’s enough, now we need to get serious. If we can’t get enough people, general support, and resources (as in, MONEY), our public lands system isn’t going to last. At least not as it works right now.

We aren’t going to whine about the inevitable doom and gloom, and neither is New Belgium‘s Fat Tire Beer, who’s throwing support at the public lands cause in the form of a new video series called “Finding Common Ground.” Along with the series comes a mission to donate up to $250,000.

For each share of the videos, of which there are three, Fat Tire will send $1 towards a collection of public land support orgs. That’s in addition to the 1% the beer already donates on all of its sales to nonprofits protecting the outdoors.

The money that’s raised is headed towards a few familiar organizations that have dedicated themselves to protecting the shared outdoor spaces we all have access to. We’re talking about the likes of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, the Access Fund, and the National Wildlife Federation.

Even if you know someone who never lets dirt touch their shoes, the fate of these wild places can and will impact them. This is the sort of way you can approach the subject, and do a small part yourself to help make a bigger difference. Fat Tire just made it easier, thanks to these engaging and inspirational videos.

The first part highlights Allie D’Andrea, who you might know as @outdoors_allie from Instagram. If one liners that succinctly sum up the importance of public lands to a modern day hunter were what they were after, D’Andrea was a great choice. She teams up with a rock climber from Queens, New York, and their quick connection helps bridge the gap between folks who actively utilize public lands, and those who might not even be aware of the concept.

Part 1: The Climber & The Hunter

The second video in the “Finding Common Ground” series focuses on the similarities and differences of two off-road enthusiasts, one who prefers two wheels and another who likes four wheels and an engine.

Part 2: The Wheeler & The Biker

The third and final installment in the series is perhaps the best, if only because of the cigar-smoking, beer-drinking friendship we get to see unfold before our eyes between Tyler Bradt, a whitewater kayaker, and Leland Miyawaki, a fly fisherman. On the surface, these two are supposed to be enemies. That’s not the case by the end of the video.

Part 3: The Kayaker & The Angler

If you enjoyed these videos as much as we did, why not do the easy thing and share them? Click the buttons next to each video on this page, or hit the Share button directly on the YouTube video inside this post. You can also use the hashtag #FindingCommonGround on social media. Either way, you’re sending $1 to a good cause, and helping the public lands of America survive.

Fat Tire should get a pat on the back for giving a damn, and you should take them up on a pretty cool offer. Enjoy some well-made outdoor videos, share them with the folks who need to see it, and bring in a little more support for the public lands we can all call our own.



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