If you could have a conversation with one of the world’s best nature photographers working today, what would you ask?

We were recently approached by landscape photographer Matt Payne, host of the podcast series, “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen.” Would we be interested in sharing this podcast series with Outdoor Photographer’s readers? Absolutely!

Payne describes the podcast as, “A lot like being in the car with your photography friends on a long drive to an iconic location. They are both in-depth and casual, and cover a tremendous amount of territory.” In each episode, Payne and his guest discuss the photographer’s motivations, explore his or her personal journey and get at their perspective on important issues facing landscape photographers today. “Listeners get to know the photographers as if they were shooting next to them in the field,” says Payne.

Each month, we’ll share recent podcast episodes here on the Outdoor Photographer blog. We hope you’ll find these to be both enjoyable and informative!

November 5 – Episode 25 – Kane Englebert

  • Kane’s journey into landscape photography
  • Kane’s passion for the mountains of Colorado
  • The state of landscape photography
  • The impact of landscape photography on locations we love to shoot
  • Photographers whom inspires Kane

November 8 – Episode 26 – Paul Rojas

  • Paul’s journey into landscape photography
  • The ethics of conservation and landscape photography
  • Letting the landscape dictate lens selection
  • Backpacking and landscape photography
  • Photographers whom inspire Paul

November 15 – Episode 27 – Sapna Reddy

  • Sapna’s journey into landscape photography
  • Comparing and contrasting Radiology and landscape photography
  • The “art of seeing”
  • Gender-based challenges in landscape photography
  • Pursuing landscape photography as a dual career
  • The impact of social media on the locations

November 18 – Episodes 28 & 29 – Joshua Cripps

  • Joshua’s journey into landscape photography
  • Authenticity
  • Imposter syndrome
  • The importance of networking
  • Joshua’s harrowing adventure in New Zealand
  • Popular photo locations and our impact on them
  • Management of expectations in the field

November 24 – Episode 30 – Sean Bagshaw

  • Sean’s journey into landscape photography
  • How to create Visual impact in your photography
  • Sean’s motivations to keep shooting
  • Sean’s involvement in the creation of Photo Cascadia
  • Conservation and the sharing of locations


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