Hosted by landscape photographer Matt Payne, the podcast series “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen” presents informal conversations with nature photographers. They discuss the photographer’s motivations, explore his or her personal journey and perspectives on important issues facing landscape photographers today.

Listen to last month’s podcasts below.

January 4th – Episode 37 – Gary Randall

  • Gary’s Journey into landscape photography
  • Gary’s personality and openness on social media and authenticity
  • Permits in national forests
  • Motivating others through your work
  • The importance of collaboration and finding positive people in your life

January 11th – Episode 38 – Randall J. Hodges

  • Randall’s journey into landscape photography
  • His style of “all-in-camera” photography
  • The trials and tribulations of being a gallery owner
  • The importance of finding your own vision and doing your own thing
  • Filling your spirit as a landscape photographer

January 17th – Episode 39 – Willie Huang

  • Willie’s journey into landscape photography
  • Some stories from the field
  • Shooting slot canyons
  • How Willie approaches composition
  • Social media’s effect on landscape photography
  • Advice for new photographers

January 23rd – Episode 40 – Alex Nail

  • Alex’s journey into landscape photography
  • Photographing hard to reach places
  • Time-lapse photography
  • Keeping his work fresh while trying to promote his book without sharing images from the book
  • Critique
  • The “online arms race” for self-promotion and its impact on landscape photography
  • The difference in processing styles between USA and European artists

January 30th – Episode 41 – Eric Bennett

  • Eric’s journey into landscape photography
  • How photography can help preserve our wilderness
  • Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
  • Becoming a full-time professional photographer and the concept that money is the result of the cause and not the cause of the result
  • Backpacking
  • The pros and cons of travelling for long amounts of time as a photographer
  • Collaboration vs. competition

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