Photo By Henrik Spranz
Photo By Henrik Spranz

Congratulations to Henrik Spranz for winning the recent Motion Blur Assignment with the image, “Weave.”

“For many weeks I’ve had the idea to shoot a photo like this using a panning technique combined with an external flash during a heavy snowfall,” explains Spranz.
“All I had to wait for were the perfect conditions. Then the forecast for the next day seemed perfect, so I took a day off work to drive to a forest I know to do some experimental photography. This photo involved using my external flash and panning my camera from top to bottom with a shutter time of 1/3 sec. As I’ve wanted to have an abstract result, the shutter time was perfect. The curly lines of all the snowflakes falling down added a lot to the impact of the photo. It’s a single exposure and I was very happy with the result. With having a concept I’ve shot many other photos on that day—including another assignment winner.”

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