Need a hog hunting bait recipe? Here are three, plus a couple extra tips.

When it comes to hog hunting, there is always one thing that you can count on to lure out the hogs: good bait.

There are many different types of “hog draw,” as it’s known, to make sweet or sour corn. Here are some examples of hog draw recipes that I’ve used, and that should work for bringing the pigs within range.

Kool-Aid packets and Corn

Hogs have a sweet tooth, and can’t resist the taste of Kool-Aid; all you need is one package of powdered Kool-Aid drink mix (any flavor), and mix consistently with smaller portions of your bags of corn (four Kool-Aid packets for every one bag of corn). You can even put this in your feeder, but make sure the feeder is waterproof; the powder could potentially jam the motor on the inside, so use caution.

Beer and Corn

Even wild hogs enjoy a few beers after a long day. With this recipe, simply soak your corn in beer. Pour enough beer to where the corn can be easily stirred and let sit for two to three days. The corn will soak up most of the beer, and be ready for spreading.

Cappuccino and Corn

For this recipe, combine corn, water and any cappuccino mixes from your local store, i.e. French vanilla, hazelnut…etc. Again, pour enough water in the corn to where the corn can be stirred and add the cappuccino while stirring. Let the corn sit and soak up the mix for two to three days, same as with the beer.

Drip Bags

With this recipe you need a strong tree limb, two burlap sacks, a rope or chain and any corn recipe that you wish to use.  Put one burlap sack inside the other for extra support.

Combine corn mix and pour into the burlap sacks. Toss the rope or chain over the limb you wish to hang the sack from, ideally in a place that gives you an open shot at the attracted hogs.


Once you have safely secured the sack, raise it high enough to where the hogs can’t reach the sack, but low enough to allow the drippings to soak into the ground. Make sure to secure the rope to the bottom or tree or stakes within the ground.

The idea is to have the corn-soaked liquid slowly drip out to make sure the hogs keep coming back for an extended period. Once the bag is finished dripping, you can cut it open and allow the corn to be released. It’s basically a way to let hogs know that there will always be food waiting for them underneath that specific tree.


Post Hole Bait

Hogs are known to dig up land and cause damage, so if you don’t wish to have them root up the ground and create mud pits, try one of the ideas above and give them what they’re looking for.

If you’re not as concerned with keeping parts of your land in shape, there are other ways to bait hogs and keep them in position even longer.

With a post hole digger, dig a hole as deep as you can, and try to not make it too wide. Pour your corn mix recipe inside and cover the hole back up. This will keep the hogs in your sights for a while, as they try and dig up the corn recipe they can smell underground.

Final Suggestions

Remember, when you are using new recipes, always combine some unmixed corn with your bait recipes from above top help them get used to the new scent and new corn. It’s worth it to start introducing your mixtures to the hogs in your area a few days before you hunt.

Hogs also love pecans and acorns, so if you have a lot of these in your area you can definitely add those to your corn mix, and the hogs will appreciate it as well.

Have any other proven hog bait recipes you’d like to add? Share them below in the comments.


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