This duck hunter tried to lower the boom on some waterfowl and almost got clobbered by his flying gun barrel.

There are varying reasons why the barrel of your shotgun might fly off in your face when you fire it, including the possibility that you didn’t tighten it correctly, or worse, it actually exploded from an obstruction. There’s also the outside chance that it was a manufacturing issue directly from the factory.

In any event, this video gives a unique perspective on the issue as these hunters were able to capture the incident from not one, but two different vantage points. Luckily it looked to be a mechanical issue and not a catastrophic one.

It’s fortunate that no one was hurt as the barrel seemed to merely fall away and not explode. Check out the video:

While the audio isn’t very good, you can still hear the man say “I told you it felt like it was falling apart.”

Which begs the question, if he felt like it was “falling apart,” why did he continue to use it? If you have a loose feel to your gun barrel, it’s definitely telling you something, and that something is: put it down!

From the look of the video, the simple discharge if the shell he fired at the waterfowl was enough to dislodge the barrel from what little was holding it to the receiver. Most shotguns lock down by the magazine cap on the forend of the barrel, and it looked like his was missing.

Other than that, there didn’t look to be any catastrophic destruction of the gun, luckily for him. What do you think caused his barrel to become dislodged from the gun?

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