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The fun continues when another lucky hunter wins a set of Morrell archery targets as the monthly prize for May during the DOD 30th Anniversary giveaway.

April is now in the rearview mirror and that means we’re one month closer to Mark and Terry Drury giving away a 60-acre farm in northern Missouri to one lucky fan. With pre-built food plots and pre-scouted stand locations, the hunter who wins that prize will really hit the jackpot!

The start of May also means a new monthly prize in the DOD 30th Anniversary giveaway: a set of Morrell archery targets.

Specifically, the May prize pack includes High Roller, Vital Signs, and Back to Back combo foam targets as well as a Yellow Jacket Final Shot crossbow discharge target, an Outdoor Range XXL field point archery target, and a Bionic Buck 3 Classic 3D target. That’s a total of 6 targets that retail at over $1,200!

While the prizes for the last couple of months have focused on habitat improvement, the hunter who wins the Morrell targets will be able to construct a pretty well apportioned archery range in their backyard and really hone their skills prior to bow season.

All told, Drury Outdoors will be giving away over $33,000 worth of monthly prizes during the course of 2019 and several lucky hunters have already won some really cool gear provided by other major brands in the outdoor industry

For instance, Butch Houston won a full set of Scent Crusher gear in January, Cole McCreary (pictured below) received two pallets of Ani-Logics supplements and minerals in February, and Kenneth Baker received a massive pack of BioLogic Seeds in March. One other very fortunate hunter yet to be named will win a RTP Ground-Breaker 3 as the prize for April.

DOD 30th Anniversary Giveaway May-anilogics
Drury Outdoors

Keep an ear open for announcements of all the monthly prizes throughout the rest of the year, and sign up to win through the Drury Outdoors DeerCast App or via their web site at DruryOutdoors.com/farm. If you don’t already have the mobile app, you can download it through the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play.

By signing up for the farm giveaway, you’ll also be automatically entered to win the monthly prizes. Don’t worry: the winners of the monthly prizes will also still be eligible to win the grand prize as well as the other monthly prizes during the Drury Outdoors 30 Year Anniversary giveaway.

The Drurys make their monthly winner announcements through the app. Mark and Terry Drury will announce the name of the lucky individual who wins the grand prize at the 2020 Archery Trade Association Show.

Good luck!

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