When Denali Pro Dennis Tietje isn’t chasing Bass on the FLW tour, you can find him on the hunt for Crappie at the legendary Toledo Bend reservoir.
Fishing for Crappie in and around the spawn is one of Tietje’s favorite times to target big females in the shallows. Applying the same principles he would as if he was searching for spawning Bass has lead Tietje to develop a successful system when it comes to bedding Crappie.
“When the big Bass start to come shallow you can rest assured that the big female Crappie won’t be far behind them,” Tietje said. “I’m searching for the cleanest water I can find, and if the lake offers it, preferably a grass related situation.”
Targeting 4 to 5 feet of water for spawning Crappie seems to be the best scenario based on Tietje’s years of experience. “Typically you are not going to be sight fishing for Crappie. My perfect conditions would include 49 to 50 degree water temps and relatively clean water, with a sandy bottom and sparse vegetation.” Tietje said.
Keeping his setup simple is a key to success when implementing this style of fishing. “When I am targeting the bigger female Crappie early I am going to be casting a jig the majority of the time. I like the 6’6″ @denalifishing PRYME for this technique. I’m spooling up a smaller profile spinning reel with @sunline SX1 10lb braid and a @sunline FC Sniper 6lb leader for casting those really light jigs. If the bite is really lethargic I will target those same areas with a slip cork rig and the same jig for those less aggressive fish.” Tietje concluded.

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