Coyotes Attack 10 Point

This buck stood his ground against these coyotes.

Many hunters worry about coyotes and the negative effects they can have on a deer herd. If you’re like me, you do plenty of worrying when you do a card pull on your game cameras and see how many are running around the property.

While it’s true that plenty of deer, including some big bucks, are killed by these predators every year, it’s a bit of misnomer to believe they kill everything. Sometimes, we don’t give the deer themselves enough credit for their toughness and willingness to survive an encounter with one.

As evidence of that, we present this amazing trail camera footage. In it, at least two coyotes are hungry and looking for a meal. They spot a nice 10-point buck and decide to try and corner it. The camera only captures a snippet of the predator’s attempt on the deer. However, it’s enough to show the deer is far from helpless.

In fact, this buck lowers his head and quickly sends the coyotes scattering from the hills. Later trail camera video and photos prove the buck survived the encounter, seemingly none the worse for wear.

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While there’s no question this property probably needs a little predator control, it makes us feel a little better to know some deer are capable of fending off their attackers and fleeing the scene. These coyotes bit off a bit more than they could chew attacking such a healthy buck like this. Hopefully they’ll think twice about going after another deer in the future.

It just goes to show these life-or-death struggles play out in the woods all the time, mostly unseen to human eyes. We’re fortunate to have trail cameras these days to show us what really happens in the woods. It looks like this buck was back chasing and fighting over does again in no time based on that busted beam!

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