The Leech Flutter Spoon from Clam Pro Tackle has the ultimate unique flutter that falls and tumbles back-and-forth. The highly reflective plated color finishes flicker light like fish scales. One thing for sure is our waters have cleaned up because of environmental awareness and also invasive species like zebra mussels, fossil snails, rusty crawfish, gobies and more. Water clarity is often 10 – 30 feet. No need for glow during the day, might scare em. Lure em in with the metal flash and flicker like an injured baitfish. The Leech Flutter Spoon falls slowly because of it’s lightweight and environmentally friendly zinc alloy material. The attracting feathered treble fools ’em every time. Now in high-vis Glow and UV colors that shine brightly to lure fish in. Simply charge with our blue light Jig Charger and watch’em glow. Order –

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