Capt. Flowers took the family out for an amazing trip on Pensacola Bay, and Spydro was all in focus during the entire day. In this video Glenn and his family hooked into big sheephead, small grouper, small trigger, ruby red lip/tomtate and a soapfish. Watch and learn from Glenn as he uses Spydro to do several things, that might not be so obvious.

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Watch the different presentations with Spydro. Glenn is able to determine if they are working right and can make subtle changes in bait and presentation to compare how the fish react to each rig. Seeing the catch is amazing, trust us he sent the raw footage with this video. But seeing all the different presentations he used and how they worked is completely educational.

Using a float? Spydro has a float that comes with your camera kit. Typical used to bait or ice fish with worms or minnows, while live streaming. Glenn takes a different approach to the float. He uses a 4-5-ounce weight and the float on Spydro to help stabilize the camera when drop fishing over reefs and humps. Spydro stays perpendicular – just they way you want it.

Catching small fish. Notice how the fish ignore the camera. They want the bait. What the team at Spydro noticed is how Glenn shows clearly that Spydro can even be used to target smaller species equally as others.

Amazing job Captain. Now back to the other videos you sent.

Capt Flowers specializes in targeting big fish inside Pensacola Bay without ever needing to go out into the Gulf Of Mexico. AND, specializes in targeting giant catfish in our local rivers.

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