Bullet Points - Weekly Firearms Industry Newsletter 9-5-2018

SENATE HEARINGS BEGIN  Confirmation hearings began today on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to become Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. This wrap-up of a three-part series hosted by NSSF’s Mark Oliva with former U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and NSSF’s Larry Keane discusses the impact Judge Kavanaugh might have on the Supreme Court as an originalist jurist and what that could mean for our Second Amendment rights. View Part 1 and Part 2.

SPORTSMEN BOOST ECONOMY New economic reports reveal that more than 53 million Americans consider themselves sportsmen, spending over $93.5 billion in 2016 on gear, licenses, travel and more for their hunting, target shooting and sportfishing activities. “If hunting, fishing and target shooting were a corporation, it would rank No. 25 on the Fortune 500, ahead of Microsoft,” says Rob Southwick, President of Southwick Associates.

#LETSGOSHOOTING CONTINUES  The 2018 National Shooting Sports Month® has come to an end, but for many who learned the value of introducing someone new to recreational shooting, or for a newcomer with a newfound passion for the shooting sports, it’s just the beginning of many enjoyable days to come. Share your experiences and stay connected by following Let’sGoShootingTM on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

More NSSF News:


  • The California Legislature adjourned for the year last Friday, but not before sending a host of gun control bills to Gov. Brown, including SB 1100 which would raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21 years old.
  • National Public Radio looked at U.S. Department of Education data collection and found massive inaccuracy on school-related shootings. Read the NSSF blog post.
  • Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal was on hand to speak at the official groundbreaking of the new Taurus USA headquarters in Bainbridge, Decatur County.
  • Granite State Indoor Range, in Hudson, New Hampshire, has been awarded NSSF’s highest Five-Star rating for range excellence.
  • With so many retailers in the business of gunsmithing and international trade these days, knowing the basics of FAET (Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax) is worth it for anyone in the industry, as you may be incurring liabilities without knowing it.
  • You have the goal of building a great shooting range, and you are confident it will successfully fill a niche in your area. How do you get started? The first step should be establishing a “business model.”ATF Q&A: More questions came in on our 24/7 NSSF Member Compliance Hotline last week. One question asks, “Can I put my A&D records in a binder or get them spiral-bound and satisfy the bound book requirement?”
  • The latest NSSF Online Sales View report has been posted to the member portal under the Industry Research tab. The July report, powered by MarketPlace Insight/Gun Broker, covers online rifle sales data.
  • The NSSF’s Larry Keane was a guest on Eric Bolling’s AmERICa on CRTV to discuss the overblown hysteria over 3D printing of firearms.
  • NSSF’s Larry Keane and Lesli Allison of the Western Landowners Alliance co-authored “Responsibility and Stewardship when Shooting on Public Lands” in the Colorado Spring Gazette.
  • Linda Powell was recognized for her contributions to the outdoors as she was inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN.


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