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You always hear people say, “The only good snake is a dead snake.” Or, perhaps you’ve heard someone say, “The only thing better than a dead snake is two dead snakes.” Rattlesnakes can be quite the nuisance in southern states, particularly Texas, as they have the ability to bring a hunt–or any other outdoor activity–to a screeching halt should you accidentally cross paths with one. Hunters who manage their own land typically try to keep an eye on rattlesnake numbers for the safety of both people and four-legged friends, as a bite will surely call for a visit to the hospital. However, if you’re planning on controlling rattlesnake numbers on your own land, be sure to check your local regulations first to make sure it’s legal to take one.

If you’re wondering how to properly dispatch a snake on your own land, you could take a tip from the following video, where a hunter takes two with one arrow.

The Red Arrow team is hunting in Texas when they come along some funky business going down between two rattlers. Kip draws back, sets the pin and lets it fly. He misses the first shot and the snakes don’t even flinch!

He eventually connects with an arrow, a shot that might’ve just earned him a pair of new snakeskin boots. Hitting a snake with a bow would be difficult, but hitting two snakes on the same shot…well, that’s just impressive.

However, many anti-hunters caught wind of the video, sparking a wave of some pretty harsh backlash from social media commenters. But, anyone who lives in Texas or another area that’s home to rattlesnakes knows what danger they can represent.


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