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Two hunters trying to film a hunt found themselves up a tree with a black bear cub who was just as surprised as they were.

When black bears vie for territory, or especially food, they can be as aggressive as they are dangerous. Luckily for these two hunting companions, they were already up in the safety of their treestand when everything went down.

A very belligerent adult bear can be seen chasing the cub away from a bait barrel below where the two hunters are stationed, and before you can say it, or even think it, the cub is in the tree with them. In fact, it’s almost in their laps!

While a hunter’s bow can be seen, making it an obvious bowhunting situation, what can really be perceived is the reaction of the man taking some great cell phone video. It’s a fun and comical state of affairs, but you have to ask yourself: what would you do if this happened to you?

That moment when….

Posted by Living Off The Grid on Friday, June 19, 2020

That whole situation happened in a heartbeat! As fast as the adult went after the cub, it was in the tree with the two shocked hunters in a blink. It seems rather obvious that the larger bruin was not the mother of the cub, but more likely a rival male or female.

Cubs are taught from an extremely early age by their mother to climb themselves out of danger in just this way, and we’ve seen it all before. In fact, bears of all ages not only climb, but are very adept at clawing, crawling, and scaling their way up almost anything.

In this case, the bear cub must have been just as shocked to see two other living things up that tree and certainly didn’t overstay its welcome. We’re just wondering if the baby bear was thinking that the two men were up there for the same reason!

Have you ever been greeted in a tree by a bear?

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