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Hunting for Marco Polo sheep is about as rigorous as it gets.

If you want the ultimate test of fortitude and a chance at one of the world’s most prestigious trophy animals, you should book a trip to Central Asia for a Marco Polo sheep hunt.

The terrain of Tajikistan and its neighboring countries applies brutal resistance to both a hunter’s body and as his or her psyche. The steep, rocky mountains and the vast, barren country between them will make you work harder ever before, but will offer an unmatchable sense of satisfaction should you find success.

However, be prepared to drain all of your savings, as these hunts are absurdly expensive. This site lists a Marco Polo hunt at $25,500-$29,500, which is determined by whether or not you elect to pay for a guide.

Luckily, though, Guy Eastman and his friend, Bryan Martin did spend the money and shared this incredible short film of their experience.

Watch the video:

Now that’s a ram!

We’re so used to seeing bighorn sheep in the United States, that when an American sees a Marco Polo sheep for the first time, it almost looks strange.

The two have a lot of similarities, but there’s no debate as to which grows longer horns, as Marco Polo sheep kind of look like a bighorn sheep that was raised on a high-fence game farm.

When we think of big-league international hunts, we usually think Australia, New Zealand and Africa, but Central Asia quietly has a ton to offer. Unfortunately, though, like the the Marco Polo sheep, most of these hunts are on the expensive side.

Congrats to these two on a pair of world-class rams!



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