What would you do if this black bear joined you for lunch?

In a recent Facebook post, a whitetail deer hunter caught a nice little surprise on video when this black bear sniffed out his lunch.

The black bear proceeded to climb the adjacent tree next to the deer hunter to take a closer look.

Watch the video below:

**MUST WATCH** This will make you think twice about packing a sandwich in your pack. Let’s all be honest, what would you…

Posted by Land & Legacy on Sunday, October 21, 2018

Clearly the oak mast crop was not ample enough, and this bear wanted more. Be honest. What would you have done in this situation if you were the one sitting in this treestand while deer hunting?

The key is not to panic. But honestly, I’m not sure what I would have done in the moment. Deer hunters encounter black bears all the time while hunting. Black bear attacks are infrequent, and most of the time the bears end up leaving the hunter alone. Do keep your food concealed if you are hunting in black bear territory this fall. Take necessary precautions. You never know what kind of sighting you will encounter. It might be a hunting experience you’ll never forget.

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