Most of you know that I am all fishing, all the time, but I love to hunt and trap too.  I seldom go more than a few days without drying off a fish or two, but in the spring when the turkeys are gobbling, I get distracted.  This spring has been no exception.  I spent as much time as possible listening to my favorite birds gobble from ridge tops, fields, and canyon bottoms.  When the time is right, often in conjunction with a turkey hunt, I like to wander around picking a few morels as well.

My mushroom season this year was the longest, without traveling around the state, that I can remember.  I am pretty sure that was weather-related.  However, although it was long, my morel picking never was very intense this year.  I never did pick a lot at any one time, only ever found one here, another there, and ended up spending a lot of time for every one I picked.


Eventually the mushrooms mature and rot and spring turkey season closes.  Then it is time to get back to the fish I have been neglecting.  But, I have to confess, I suffer from spring turkey and mushroom withdrawal; that still is all I have on my mind.  So, where do I find my motivation to get back on the water?  Usually, I get back in the groove by going back to where most of us started fishing–dropping a bobber in the water, waiting for a bluegill to pull it under!  Does anyone ever tire of watching a bobber dip below the surface?


Best of all, about the end of spring turkey season every year, the bluegills are shallow getting ready to spawn, so it is a great time to dry off some big ones!  In this case, some big hybrid sunfish, redear X bluegill hybrids.


Just how big?  Maybe this will put it in a little better perspective:


Yes, that big, 10-inch+ big.  And they all went back in the water, it is crucial to keep those big male sunfish in the population, NOT in a frying pan! (Bed Time for ‘Gill)

Pretty sure it is like riding a bike; I am betting I can find some more fish to catch and release here in the coming weeks.  “Stay tuned”.

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