Both women's semifinals, followed by Nadal and Tsitsipas. Plus doubles semis, boys' and girls' singles quarters and more! All on tap for Day 11 in Melbourne. Welcome to Day 11 of the Australian Open, where we’re looking forward to the both women’s singles semifinals and Nadal vs. Tsitsipas in the night sesh.. Plus legends, men’s and women’s doubles, mixed and juniors! Full schedule below…

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Rod Laver Arena

L. Mayer J. Sousa versus H. Kontinen (12) J. Peers (12) Men's Doubles Semifinals

Not Before 2 PM

P. Kvitova (8) versus D. Collins Women's Singles Semifinals

Not Before 330 PM

Ka. Pliskova (7) versus N. Osaka (4) Women's Singles Semifinals

Not Before 730 PM

S. Tsitsipas (14) versus R. Nadal (2) Men's Singles Semifinals
A. Sharma (WC) J. Smith (WC) versus N. Melichar (2) B. Soares (2) Mixed Doubles Semifinals

Tecnifibre T-Fight

Margaret Court Arena

J. McEnroe P. McEnroe versus M. Chang J. Eltingh Men's Legends Doubles 3rd Round
T. Enqvist M. Wilander versus W. Ferreira G. Ivanisevic Men's Legends Doubles 1st Round

Not Before 1230 PM

P. Herbert (5) N. Mahut (5) versus R. Harrison S. Querrey Men's Doubles Semifinals
M. Martinez Sanchez N. Skupski versus B. Krejcikova (3) R. Ram (3) Mixed Doubles Semifinals
A. Lapthorne D. Wagner versus D. Alcott H. Davidson Quad Wheelchair Doubles Final

Court 3

O. Virtanen (3) versus G. Zeppieri Junior Boys' Singles Quarterfinals
L. Musetti (1) versus N. Alvarez Varona (6) Junior Boys' Singles Quarterfinals
C. Tauson (1) versus K. Bartone (9) Junior Girls' Singles Quarterfinals
L. Musetti (5) G. Zeppieri (5) versus J. Forejtek (3) D. Svrcina (3) Junior Boys' Doubles Semifinals

Court 5

C. Kingsley (9) versus F. Jianu (4) Junior Boys' Singles Quarterfinals
J. Lehecka versus E. Nava (13) Junior Boys' Singles Quarterfinals
D. Frayman F. Rossi versus C. Beck (8) E. Navarro (8) Junior Girls' Doubles Semifinals
C. Kingsley (4) E. Nava (4) versus N. Alvarez Varona (2) F. Jianu (2) Junior Boys' Doubles Semifinals

Court 7

H. Davidson (WC) versus A. Lapthorne Quad Wheelchair Singles 3rd Round
S. Houdet versus G. Fernandez (2) Men's Wheelchair Singles Semifinals
D. De Groot (1) versus M. Buis Women's Wheelchair Singles Semifinals
A. Hewett (1) G. Reid (1) versus S. Houdet B. Weekes Men's Wheelchair Doubles Semifinals
K. Montjane L. Shuker versus M. Buis (2) S. Ellerbrock (2) Women's Wheelchair Doubles Semifinals

Court 8

D. Alcott (1) versus D. Wagner (2) Quad Wheelchair Singles 3rd Round
S. Kunieda (1) versus S. Olsson Men's Wheelchair Singles Semifinals
A. Van Koot versus Y. Kamiji (2) Women's Wheelchair Singles Semifinals
G. Fernandez S. Kunieda versus J. Gerard (2) S. Olsson (2) Men's Wheelchair Doubles Semifinals
D. De Groot (1) A. Van Koot (1) versus G. Capocci Y. Kamiji Women's Wheelchair Doubles Semifinals

Court 13

L. Sun (7) versus A. Tikhonova Junior Girls' Singles Quarterfinals
M. Leonard versus L. Fernandez (4) Junior Girls' Singles Quarterfinals
D. Snigur versus M. Sawangkaew (5) Junior Girls' Singles Quarterfinals
N. Kawaguchi (3) A. Nagy (3) versus L. Bencheikh (7) F. Curmi (7) Junior Girls' Doubles Semifinals