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Argo’s short film is a great reminder that our aging hunters may need a little help.

One of the unfortunate truths of hunting is the number of men and women who are aging out of the sport. It is something that state and provincial wildlife agencies are greatly concerned about. Many hunters are simply hanging up their guns because they just cannot go like they did in the old days.

Usually, this is due to health reasons. Many older hunters simply cannot hike like they used to be able, nor can they drag out that big buck without a little help.

Argo ATVs made this fantastic little short film highlighting this fact with a 75-year-old grandfather who now uses an Argo to get back to where the big bucks are hiding. It’s a short celebration of family, tradition and keeping a passion for hunting alive at an old age.

As they mention in the video, a 720-foot elevation may not seem like much, but with such a steep slope, the ravages of time none of us will ever be able to fight become more evident. We love this old timer’s hand-built permanent stand too. You simply do not see many of those anymore.

It really is great to see an older guy who simply will not give up one of his passions just because his knees are not what they used to be. Sadly, it is usually the mobility issues that cause most hunters to give up. It is too bad too when there are options like Argo, mobile blinds and mobility assist treestands that are starting to gain larger traction among an aging segment of the hunting population.

Hopefully this will inspire a few more hunters who are on the fence about hanging up their bows and guns for good. We need all the hunters afield that we can get for as long as possible, to help continue the traditions of our hunting heritage.

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