These people got beat up by a deer!

Deer attacks are fairly rare. But a few seem to happen every year around the country. And if a deer really wants to hurt a human, it can do it!

Most of these attacks happen in the fall when bucks are crazed from the rut, but you’ll see a variety of reasons for the attacks in these stories.

We’ve rounded up eight of the craziest deer attacks. These stories and videos will make you use a little caution the next time you see a deer that is acting a little too friendly.

Staten Island selfies

deer attacks
Staten Island Live

Ryan Blanco was simply out for a walk in early November on New York’s Staten Island when he ran across an unusually friendly 8-point buck. Blanco took advantage of the opportunity to take a series of selfies with the buck and hung around with the deer for over 20 minutes.

But when he tried to leave, the buck seemed to take it personally. It followed him, blocked his path, and finally charged him. Fortunately he was able to grab the buck’s antlers and push it away. Had he not done that, things could have been very serious.

“My phone battery was dying, so if something did happen no one was going to find me until tomorrow morning,” he told reporters.

Just stay away from bucks during the rut.

Rabid deer attacks woman

Rachael McGough was just getting to work at a paint store in a Pennsylvania strip mall when she encountered a deer acting strangely. The next thing she knew, the deer was charging her. Luckily, she was able to use some bags to push it away and two bystanders stepped in and hog-tied it.

Good thing too, because the deer later tested positive for rabies!

Marathon runner

deer attacks

This one is from just this last fall. Runners in a marathon in Porcupine Bay, Washington were quite surprised to have a mule deer buck enter the road and actually chase some of the runners. When two men at a water station tried to run the animal off, it ended going after and goring both of them!

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Department was eventually called out to put the animal down. This one may have been due to the rut being in full swing at the time.

Deer attacks driver after being hit

This one is just plain wild and likely no one would have believed it had it not all been caught on police dash cam. In the video an SUV hits a deer just ahead of the officer. The SUV pulls over and the officer also stops to assist. Right at that moment, the buck comes hurtling back out of the darkness to attack the driver.

The buck later died from his injuries. Fortunately the driver suffered only a minor knee injury.

Buck attacks hunter

This grainy footage has been making the rounds on the internet since it was invented. This hunter found the tables turned when this buck decides to give him a beat-down with his sharp hooves.

Doe beat down

You might be a redneck if you’re getting beaten up by a doe and your friend just stands there and laughs while continuing to film the whole thing.

Rabid 10 point attack

deer attacks

Tony Remillard was only trying to take out his garbage in Troy, New York last fall when he found himself face-to-face with a 10 point buck. The next thing Remillard knew, the buck was attacking him! Fortunately for the human in this story, Remillard was throwing out some couch cushions and was able to use them as something of a makeshift defense.

The buck was found dead a short while later and was confirmed to have rabies, resulting in Remillard having to undergo rabies treatments along with treatment for his physical wounds.

Not dead yet

This video gives a rare first-person perspective of a deer attack. The guy in this video asks the buck “are you alright?” The buck responds in an especially aggressive manner!



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