Predator hunting has a lot going for it these days.

With technology on our side, it’s gotten a little bit easier to hunt the hunters. Here are our reasons predator hunting keeps getting better and better.

How good are you at hunting predators? Has technology given you an edge against the most keen-eyed and -eared foe?

With all of the new advances in the equipment for predator hunting, the time to hunt is now.

We take a look at the technologies that’ve made predator hunting a whole lot easier than it used to be.

1. Night vision

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Products like thermal imaging scopes and monoculars allow hunters to see where they never saw before. Night vision scopes of the digital age are vastly superior to those of the past. Some flashlights are so bright, they’ll outshine the moon. What does this mean to the savvy predator hunter? Where it’s legal, hunt when the predators are hunting: at night. Coyote hunters have come to find success is much easier to find at night in most cases. We now own the night with the help of modern technology.

2. Electronic and other modern game calls

Electronic calls have come a long way. New electronic predator calls from brands like FOXPRO have changed the game. Mouth calls and other assorted game calls can mimic coyote vocalizations as well as some other distress sounds. Gone are the days of the rabbit-in-distress calls that only educated smart coyotes. The vast array of distress calls, has turned the table on predators.

3. Camouflage

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New camouflage isn’t just for deer hunting from your treestand. It’ll now allow year-round concealment against the local coyote populations or any other predator you might chase. From summer-weight clothing to arctic protection, the new camouflage offerings have it all under control.

4. Shared knowledge

In this digital age, knowledge is but a click away. Type anything into Google and you’ll get a wealth of knowledge. Be careful who you trust, though, and make your own decisions on tactics and weapons. Internet bloggers and vloggers don’t always know everything. Videos take you to the action to see what really works and what doesn’t.

5. Better weapons

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Rifles and ammunition just gets better and better as time goes on. With new cartridges coming out each year, accuracy is at an all-time high and distances we’re lethal at stretch farther than our parents and grandparents could ever imagine.

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