The 24 teams will compete to join Russia, Croatia, Serbia and Great Britain in next year's finals. By Chris Oddo | @TheFanChild | Sunday December 5, 2021

The ITF and Kosmos Tennis have announced the draw for the 2022 Davis Cup by Rakuten Qualifiers, which will take place on 4-5 March.

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Serbia and Great Britain have been announced as the two wild card nations for the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals 2022. By reaching the 2021 final, Croatia and the Russian Tennis Federation have also secured automatic qualification for the 2022 Finals.

The 12 winning nations from the 2022 Qualifiers will reach next year’s Davis Cup Finals, where they will join Croatia, Russian Tennis Federation, Great Britain and Serbia in a 16-nation line-up.

Qualifiers draw

France (s) (c*) v Ecuador
Spain (s) (c) v Romania
Finland (c) v Belgium (s)
USA (s) (c) v Colombia
Netherlands (c) v Canada (s)
Brazil (c) v Germany (s)
Slovakia (c) v Italy (s)
Australia (s) (c) v Hungary
Norway (c*) v Kazakhstan (s)
Sweden (s) (c) v Japan
Argentina (s) (c) v Czech Republic
Korea, Rep. (c*) v Austria (s)

(s) = seed; (c) = choice of ground; * = choice of ground decided by lot