Happy World Photography Day! To celebrate, we’ve collected 10 of our most popular articles with tips and techniques to help you make your best photographs. These articles include techniques you can use for any type of photography, plus articles that offer specific tips for landscape, wildlife, travel, adventure sports and more.

How To Use Histograms

For precise exposures that best capture a scene’s dynamic range, ignore what the image preview looks like and rely on the histogram. Read now.

How To Use Hyperfocal Focusing

Understand and use hyperfocal focusing to create sharper images and enhanced depth of field. Read now.

Take Better Travel Photos

How to make the most of your next trip and return home with a portfolio of memorable images. Read now.

There’s More Than One Right Answer

Dewitt Jones’s TEDx talk reflects on his career and the mindset of celebration that has guided his work. Read now.

Abstract Landscape Photography Tips

An infinite number of creative abstract landscape photography compositions are out there just waiting to be discovered. Read now.

Using Selective Focus

For unique images that highlight your subject’s details, experiment with shallow depth of field. Read now.

Techniques For Fall Color Photography

No matter where you live or travel this fall season, try these 10 creative techniques to make your best autumn images yet. Read now.

Wildlife Photo Impact

Tips and insights for creating dynamic portraits of wildlife. Read now.

Challenge Accepted: Adventure Sports

How to get started in adventure sports photography. Read now.

Converting To Black & White In Lightroom Classic

Explore the new Profile Browser in Lightroom Classic CC and take a playful approach to black-and-white workflow. Read now.

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