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We’ve all had to deal with an anti-hunter. Here are 10 facts to share with them.

Whether it was in school, the workplace, or even within your own family, we’ve all had to deal with anti-hunters.

There is no need to argue and bicker about hunting, because with these 10 facts anti-hunters will have a new understanding of hunting.

Let’s jump right into some facts.

1. Avid hunter Theodore Roosevelt created our national forests and grasslands and forever protected 230 million acres for wildlife and the public to use and enjoy.

Roosevelt, an avid hunter, created some of the most well-known parks for everyone to enjoy forever.

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2. An 11 percent tax on guns, ammo, bows and arrows generates $371 million a year for conservation.

$371 million is a lot of money. It puts many people to work and enables many conservation programs.

3. Hunting supports 680,000 jobs; from game wardens to waitresses, biologists to motel clerks.

Speaking of jobs, how about that anti-hunters? Well over a half a million jobs are created from hunting, according to Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

4. Through state licenses and fees, hunters pay $796 million a year for conservation programs.

In other words, hunters are essentially the backbone for conservation programs. Without hunters there would be less conservation programs.

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5. When tallying up the various fees, licensing, and taxes, hunters raise $1.6 billion!

6. The best form of eating organic is hunting. Nosler said it best: “Eat Organic-Shoot Nosler”

In a world that loves to go all natural and eat organic, hunting is the purest form of organic eating. Not to mention most of game is high in protein and provides great nutritional value.

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7. In the past century, elk, whitetails, turkeys, and ducks have gone from thousands to millions thanks to the help of hunters and programs funded by hunters.

That’s right. Without the efforts of hunters, many of the animals that are abundant today would have dwindling populations. The next time an anti-hunter says we are killing too many animals, share some of this information.

8. Hunters keep nuisance species in check and keep herd numbers healthy for various other animals.

9. Sport hunting in Zambia provides 143 tons of meat to rural villages with an estimated value of $600,000.

A study done by two individuals found that sport hunting offers great benefits to the inhabitants of the land. Most times the rural natives are happy when a dangerous animal is harvested, because the village becomes safer.

10. At the end of the day, “I”ll never apologize for being a hunter.”

Eva Shockey says it best;

As hunters, we need to stand strong, unite as one and NEVER apologize for being who we are! We should focus our energy on being the best hunters we can be by challenging ourselves to be ethical, respectful and responsible so as to humbly uphold our proud heritage. Now, let’s get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!

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Financial info via America’s Sporting Heritage: Fueling the American Economy (January 2013) & Hunting in America: An Economic Force for Conservation (January 2013)

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