bucks shedding their antlers

You just don’t usually get to see bucks shedding their antlers on film, but these deer were happy to oblige.

When older bucks shed their headgear in late winter, it’s a sure sign that testosterone levels are waning, the pedicle is softening, and deer antlers are about to fall off.

For deer hunters that are stuck with the fact that deer hunting season is now over, they can now look forward to shed hunting for the leftover antlers that deer push off each year. In fact any animals that are a part of the deer family–mule deer, elk, and moose for example–leave behind a treasure that all of us desire: the bone tissue that we call shed antlers.

We’ve begun to stop putting the same gravity on our trail camera placement and are looking forward to next year, but when we begin to consider all of the mature bucks and the dominant bucks that are still out there we start to dream about adding to our collection of “horns” that are the bragging rights for those of us who are looking at the best prospects for the upcoming deer season.

1. The Double Lung Shed

An amazingly good shot followed by an amazing result as this buck lost both sides and flies off to expire.

2. 8-Point Down


Ann Sivori kindly shared her spectacular and unique trail camera video of an 8-point buck shedding both of its antlers in Northfield, Vermont. Watch closely – it happens fast.

Posted by Vermont Fish & Wildlife on Tuesday, January 7, 2020

One interesting observation: many of these deer exhibit a kind of head shake, along with a resounding look as if they have an awful ear-itch right before the antlers hit the ground.

3. Shed Trap

Shed traps are for many a fun and interesting way to collect antlers without the search, and for others an unsavory method that takes all the fun out of finding them.

4. Had His Mind On Something Else

Buck Shed Its Antlers

Have you ever seen a buck shed his antlers?

Posted by Thorn Broadheads on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Here’s a buck that not only lost his antlers, he lost the love of his life!

5. 9-Point Down

The footage here is from simple and multiple trail cam pictures over the course of one evening a few years ago. Skip ahead to the 4:30 mark.

6. The Exploding Antlers

This fun footage sees a whitetail buck running across the open field when his horns seems to pop right up in the air, leaving that buck as bald as a cueball.

7. Vintage Mulie

Great old footage from way back in January of 1999 shows two mule deer bucks trying to escape when one loses both antlers as he bounds away.

8. 20-Pounds of Palmation Hits the Ground

Moose, the largest of the deer family, shed their antlers just like the rest of them, it’s just that it’s not often seen. have you ever found a bull moose shed?

9. 5X5 Drops

While the actual shed of the antler is just missed in the film, the big bull elk has half of his 5X5 one moment, and is a flat top the next.

10. Drop-Tine Mule Deer Loses His Bone

A bedded mule deer wasn’t going to wait for this fellow to get any closer. When he decided to cut and run, half of his beautiful set of antlers came off in glorious view for all to see.

Once antler growth begins in the spring, we’re already looking forward to finding the deer shed the following winter. Shed hunters everywhere are aware of the late season fun that begins once the real chase is over for the year, and while we’re hoping that we stop that big mature buck for good and put his antlers on our wall, we won’t be too disappointed to see his brand new set next year.

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