Although we have been experiencing an un-seasonably hot spell for the first days of fall, the fishing has been remarkably good – in some waters, fishing is G-R-E-A-T! If you have not been catching fish this past week, you have not been out fishing. The perch fishing on Lake Erie’s East Side is beyond awesome according to the local bait shops that have been cleaning fish; and the walleye bite is still on, too. Steelheads are waiting for rain and cooler streams. The Allegheny is spitting out smallmouth bass. And reports from Shenango Lake indicate most species (except walleyes) are gorging on shad right now. Catfish are King at Pymatuning. As water cools (hopefully soon), look for improved crappie and walleye action on inland lakes. Go Fish!

NW PA Fishing Report For Late September 2017

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