ZOOM Adds Poppin’ Frog to Topwater Collection

In response to the overwhelming popularity of the company’s Hollow Body Frog released last fall and the subsequent release of the smaller Hollow Body Frog Jr. Zoom Bait Company (https://zoombait.com/) hereby announces the introduction of the Zoom Poppin’ Frog. As the name suggests, it features a concave mouth that enables it to be popped – violently or gently. To call bass from a distance or to goad those sitting nearby into attacking. 

Like its predecessors, the Poppin’ Frog still walks exceptionally well and offers an unusually high hookup percentage. With a different sound profile that excels when fish need to be triggered. In the hands of a beginner, it’s deadly. In the hands of a true frog master, it can be made to do a variety of tricks.

Frogs continue to play a critical role for tour-level anglers and weekend enthusiasts alike, not only in heavy vegetation but also throughout a wide range of conditions. When fish are big and active, the original Zoom Hollow Body Frog is a key tool, and when the time comes to downsize the Junior version may get the call, but the Poppin’ Frog fulfills a unique third role for when weary bass have seen too many conventional amphibians. It still casts like a bullet and slithers easily over and through the thickest cover. 

The Poppin’ Frog is 3 inches long and will initially come in six proven colors to meet a wide variety of water colors and forage bases. It can easily replicate bluegills, shad, and of course amphibians.

The Poppin’ Frog is now available at leading tackle stores and online retailers. If you can’t find it, ask for it.

View the new Poppin’ Frog below!

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