Youth Kentucky Buck

Hunting is often an exercise in patience. When you’re sitting a treestand for hours without much happening, it’s natural to get a little bored and for your mind to start wandering. In recent years, cellphones have helped to alleviate that boredom a little. However, they can also be a bad thing. It’s easy to get distracted by what’s on the screen and not notice what’s going on around you. In some situations, this could be a recipe for disaster. As it nearly was with this video from the YouTube channel Homegrown Experience. Ford Musselman is the young hunter and he’s sitting during the Kentucky youth season with his dad. It starts off as a very slow hunt and soon both father and son are distracted by their cell phones.

While their eyes are diverted, a nice buck makes its way into the field, and it spots them before they spot it. What follows is a tense couple of minutes as the hunters do a stare-down with the buck. Eventually, the buck starts moving and looks away long enough to give Ford a broadside shot. He makes the most of the opportunity, scoring what appears to be a perfect double lung hit.

If we are being honest, this type of scenario has probably happened to all of us in the modern age of hunting. Fortunately for Ford, the mistake didn’t come back to bite him too hard. If nothing else, it added to the story and becomes a valuable lesson on getting too focused on your phone screen while out on a hunt. At the very least, you need to look up and scan your surroundings frequently. We have a feeling he’ll do that more often in the future.

In the end, Ford made a great shot on this buck. It appeared to be a double lung shot. We’re surprised the deer ran as far as it did after a hit like that. Plus, the buck had a cool rack with some interesting character to it. It all adds up to a hunt this father and son won’t soon forget.

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