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There is little doubt that turkey calling is an art form. Even with the best calls in the world, drawing in a big Tom takes a certain amount of skill. We all have that one buddy who just can’t quite pull it off, but others are just naturally gifted at turkey calling. And then there are people that are insanely gifted at turkey calling, likethe young man in this TikTok video. As you’ll soon see, he doesn’t need a mouth or a box call to pull off an unbelievable gobble. If that wasn’t enough, he can also pull off some perfect sounding hen clucks.

This is one of those things you simply must see to believe. We have a feeling this guy has no trouble getting some invites to go turkey hunting every spring with impressive skills like these!


@ColeCret is incredible at doing turkey calls with only his mouth! 🤯 #turkeys #turkeycalls #turkeycall #gobble #clucks #unreal #outdoors #beardgang #spurgang #strutters #truetalent #raisedhunting #raisedoutdoors #RAFD #kidscamp #summer

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We’ve heard people execute clucks and purrs using just their voice, but the gobble from this young man was a new one on us. Our minds are simply blown trying to figure out how someone can do something like this just using their voice. These calls sound better than commercial turkey calls! The only assistance this young man needed was an elk tube to amplify the sound of the gobble slightly. This is the most impressive bit of natural calling we’ve seen, at least since the woman who could do cow elk calls using only her voice.

Yes, we are jealous of people who are naturally talented like this. It probably makes filling the freezer a lot easier when you have skills like these. We just hope this kid doesn’t weaken his chops when he grows older and his voice changes. If not, he could probably save a small fortune in turkey calls over the course of his hunting career!

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