YAKGEAR™ introduces the updated Fish Stik Folding Fish Ruler to fit the needs of kayak and boat anglers who value accuracy, durability and organization. The foldable measuring board delivers quick and efficient fish measurements for anglers to rapidly determine if a fish is a keeper.
The 36-inch ruler features raised, quarter-inch increments for precise measurements and folds down to 12 total inches for stowing underneath a kayak seat, boat compartment or gunnel. Constructed of a proprietary blend of PVC and plastic, the Fish Stik’s newly fortified locking tabs create a straight and rigid platform that can be used while spanning an angler’s lap.
“Just about every fishery has some type of slot and length limit and a measuring device is critical to staying within the restrictions of marine regulations or tournament rules,” said YAKGEAR President Bill Bragman. “We have engineered the Fish Stik to address the needs of any angler who needs to measure fish. We designed the Fish Stik to help anglers fish efficiently for a more productive day on the water.”
With the ability to float, the device lets anglers accurately measure their fish while in the water to minimize stress to the landed fish. A built-in slit in the bump board allows anglers to measure fish while hooked. Anglers can also unfold and lock the board with only one hand, leaving the other to hold the fish or net.
“Time on the water is limited and those who fish efficiently have the most success,” said Bragman. “The Fish Stik not only saves space but precious time too. Each minute saved measuring fish gives you that much more time to actually fish. Those extra casts earned could be the difference between a good or great day on the water.”
The updated measuring board has been approved for use on the Kayak Angler’s Tournament Series (KATS) and the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) tournament series. Integrated bump board grooves have been added to benefit anglers competing in catch-photo-release tournaments while raised arrows at the base of the bump board prevent tampering of the board’s length. The YAKGEAR Fish Stik is available in white, orange, and yellow and comes standard with a complimentary marker to designate slot lengths or mark measurement ridges.

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