Wolf reintroduction is often controversial. This was the topic of debate in Steamboat, Colorado, at the December Sierra Club meeting. 

The Herald Times recently published an article written by Niki Turner, which outlines the history of wolf populations in Colorado. Many western states have already reintroduced wolves, leading to issues in some places with other species populations. Colorado, however, has been holding out. According to a quote in the article, introducing wolves would allow for them to be managed in order to protect livestock and game species. If they aren’t intentionally brought to the state, they could migrate over, which would lead to them being listed as endangered. If that happens, authorities will place protection and restrictions on types of management.

The Sierra Club hosted a meeting in Steamboat, Colorado, this month in an effort to educate people on the topic. While the primary concern in the article is ramifications on livestock,  it also mentions cases such as a decline in elk herd populations in Wyoming.

As a Colorado elk hunter, I can’t help but wonder what will happen once the wolves arrive. Is the best chance for management really through intentional introduction? It will be interesting to see what the verdict is.


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