The daughter of Serena is a pretty big star in her own right.

Olympia Williams has hit the big time. Well, to be fair, she hit the big time the moment she was born—she is the daughter of 23-time major singles champion Serena Williams after all (and she does have 559k Instagram followers)…

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But this week Olympia starred in her first TV spot for Pampers. The “wild child” is featured with Serena in a spot for the diaper company.

“I would say to parents of a wild child—instead of worrying, embrace it and make the most of it,” says Williams in the advert.

Tennis Express

“Our newest member to the Pampers family, tennis legend, entrepreneur and super-mom Serena Williams shares what life is like as the parent of a wild child,” says Pampers. “Together, we’re encouraging parents to support their active, spirited, curious babies with the help of our Cruisers 360 FIT diapers – designed to keep up with every wild move a baby makes.”